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The Guard is a SAF elite unit which continues an almost two-century longtradition of guard units .

The unit is based in Belgrade.


The tasks of the Guard are the following:

  • training commands and units and
  • providing signal systems and implementing security measures for certain persons when in vital facilities within the defence system, and on demand in other facilities as well
  • providing their combat abilities and planned use
  • direct organizing and implementation of military protocol
  • managing residential facilities

Furthermore, for the demands of SAF and MoD of the Republic of Serbia, the Guard performs tasks which fall within the competences of the Military Police and in accordance with its purpose performs other tasks ordered by the Chief of SAF GS.


The Guard aims at protecting persons at the highest state and military functions, to secure vital facilities in the defense system and is engaged on military ceremonies during the visits of home and foreign state and military officials.


In addition to armaments and equipment for specialist units, the Guard also uses all types of infantry weapons.


In the units of the Guard soldiers doing their service are trained, as well as special and antiterrorist units.


The Guard carries on the almost bicentinal tradition of the Serbian guard units.The first guard unit in Serbia was formed by the order issued by Prince Knjaz Milos Obrenovic in Pozarevac on 6 May 1830. During WWII, on 1 November 1944, the NOV and PO Command HQ was transformed into the Yugoslav National Army’s Guard Brigade.

The current Guard was formed by transforming the Guard Brigade into the Guard on 30 November 2006 as part of the ongoing process of transformation. The “Kobre” Antiterrorist Squad was incorporated into the Guard.

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